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Turn your back on the cold by chilling out in cozy sleep-space comfort

What’s better on a crisp winter weekend morning than grabbing a cup of hot coffee and something to read and returning to a cozy bed?

Make your bedroom the snuggest place around by layering rugs, blankets, twinkling lights, plump cushions and piles of books. You’ll probably have to get up eventually, but until then, here are 10 ideas to make your room perfect for snuggling in.

1. Make a mini library

Whether you have room for floor-to-ceiling bookshelves complete with library ladders, or for just a teetering pile of favorite tomes beside the bed, books bring much warmth to the bedroom.

Consider swapping out bedside tables sans shelving for ones with a lower shelf for books, stacking books on a trunk at the foot of the bed or tucking a low bookcase beneath a bank of windows.


2. Stow extra throws in a woven basket

For wrapping up while you read in bed or pulling on in the middle of a chilly night, having a few spare throws on hand is never a bad idea. Keeping them in a basket creates decor and storage in one.


3. Add a wool rug

A toasty wool rug insulates cold floors and adds color and pattern – try a colorful dhurrie. Repeat a hue from the rug in a new toss pillow on the bed for a put-together look.


4. Paint the walls a warm color

A rich, warm hue creates a cozy, enveloping mood in the bedroom.

If you prefer neutrals, you can’t miss with mocha or chocolate brown. But if you’re a color lover, why not go for something a bit bolder, like persimmon or even pink?

A deeper pink paint like the one used here is surprisingly sophisticated especially when balanced with black accents and a traditional Oriental rug.


5. Drape a mirror with fairy lights

This is such a quick and easy way to enhance the ambience in the bedroom – drape tiny white lights gently over a mirror so it will reflect the light.


6. Get something to sink your toes into

The alarm’s call on chilly mornings is a bit easier to face when you have something luxuriously plush to sink your toes into upon rising.

Try a sheepskin (real or fake) or a thick-pile rug. If you already have a flat-weave rug, layer a smaller, fluffier rug right on top for extra warmth.

If you have a large bedroom, a thick-pile rug on a large expanse of bare floor will help warm up the space considerably.


7. Warm up with spicy orange accents

A mostly white bedroom is easy to change with the seasons – slip new covers on your pillows and fold a throw at the foot of the bed.

For fall, orange and orange-red accents are a reminder of the changing leaves outdoors.


8. Swap artwork

Whether you collect original paintings, fine-art photography or affordable prints, changing the art on the walls is a great way to signal a shift in the season.

Hang a big beach scene in summer and swap it out for something that hints at the woods for fall and winter, like the adorable fox photo shown here.


9. Layer deliciously textured bedding

Use silk, velvet and linen to create an inviting range of textures on the bed. Stick with analogous colors – hues that are next to one another on the color wheel – like soft green, blue and lilac, for a serene look.

For a more rustic look, mix nubby linen or crisp cotton sheets with cozy wool blankets and hooked-wool pillows.


10. Pull up a window seat

As we head toward winter, any way of maximizing light is most welcome. Pull a chair up close to the window, where you (or a furry friend) can sit with a cup of coffee, savoring the sun.

With sheepskins on a bank of window seats and a fluffy rug on the floor, this bedroom provides multiple spots in which to warm up.


Tell us: How are you making your bedroom snuggly for winters? Share a photo in the Comments!


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